Paving the Way

FBC Parking Lot

Work began this week on a project that I have envisioned since the first time Lisa and I sat foot on the church grounds over a year ago. We are sealing and striping the parking lots all around our facility. We are close to half-way done, and it does look good. Better than that, it feels good. It feels good to know that our first impression just got a lot better. It feels good to have clearly defined places to park. It feels good because new guests will have a better view of the church, literally and figuratively. And it feels good because it is a good first step in honoring God by the way we are taking care of the resources He has blessed us with.

It also feels good because we can afford to do it. No doubt there will be many more expenses to come – roofs, paint, and air conditioners come to mind – but it is a good first step. Your giving, which is a reflection of your faithfulness and how we feel about the ministry of the church, is moving up. With continued growth and engagement, I am sure we will be freed up to advance the ministry and care for the practical needs of the church as well. Don’t slow down.

We have already committed more funds to missions, and I believe God sees and blesses that. And our heart’s desire is to do even more. We are putting money aside for deferred maintenance on our over 100 thousand square feet of ministry space. God also sees and blesses our prudent behavior. Behind the scenes, waters are stirring that we trust will culminate with the addition of high-quality, strategically-deployed new team members. We have been patient and highly selective in seeking God’s persons to help lead us forward into the next era of ministry at FBC. I believe He is blessing the process and we will see the progress soon enough.

A lot of the work of our first year has been paving. So it is fitting that the first real visual of growth, change, and progress comes by way of asphalt and paint. As I have watched them clean, patch, prep, line, and cover those lots, I have found myself praying for the folks whose cars will park there. That’s you and me. That’s our friends. That’s hundreds of new friends and families looking for a place to grow, serve, and belong. So this work, and so much more, is paving the way for our future. It is good groundwork. Thanks for making it possible.