Christmas In July

Christmas on the Beach

Remember when you started thinking in July about what you wanted and needed for Christmas? Then came Halloween and Thanksgiving and you knew it was getting closer. Then there was a present under the tree and you were pretty sure you knew what was in it. But the anticipation was still there until the moment you opened it and it became real. Well that’s kind of me – and us – today.

Aimee & Jason Hobbs

Aimee & Jason Hobbs

This Sunday, we welcome Aimee Hobbs and her husband Jason to the FBC family and ministry team. She is enthusiastically embracing the call to develop and lead a first-class ministry with children and young families. And she comes to us with a passion and a vision born of calling, training, and remarkable experience. For all of that, we are grateful.

In case you missed it, Aimee is coming from a similar position at Prichard Memorial Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC, where I am pretty sure I have very few friends right now. She left it a lot better than she found it and was loved deeply by some really good folks. I promised her she would have the same experience here – I know I have. Prior to that, she served the historic Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth, TX. With an undergraduate degree from Dallas Baptist University and a Master of Divinity from Baylor’s Truett Seminary, she is beyond well-equipped. I am so ready to open the present and begin the wonderfully enjoyable gift of working and ministering together.

Aimee Hobbs Door SignOn Sunday, we will welcome the Hobbs to FBC with a reception in the Narthex after the service. Don’t rush off. Beat the traffic not by leaving early but by staying later to enjoy each other and pour some FBC love on these good folks. Also bring a gift card to your favorite St. Pete haunt – I remember how much those meant to me just a little over a year ago.

For the good people, staff, children’s ministry, and this pastor, Christmas has come in July. Since Christmas in St. Pete feels like July pretty much everywhere else, it is not hard to imagine. Or after much anticipation, to embrace.