Kyle Matthews in Concert

There are no Christian artists that I have admired more or longer than Kyle Matthews. And it is with great pride and enthusiasm that I welcome him to FBC St. Pete. More especially, it is with confidence and great joy that I invite you and your friends to share in “An Evening with Kyle Matthews” this Saturday at 6:00 PM. And then we will be blessed again by his music in Sunday morning’s worship.

Kyle is an amazing pianist and vocalist. But let’s be honest, the world is full of those. Drop in on any number of St. Pete venues on any given night and you’ll be duly impressed. What separates Kyle is his confessional storytelling that brings faith not only to life, but to the life of the listener. For years Kyle was a contracted songwriter in Nashville whose work has been recorded by numerous Christian, pop, and country artists. He has a prestigious Dove Award to his credit and a host of other accolades. Today he is part of the ministry of FBC Greenville, SC, from which he hails. And he continues to share his music in many other settings, most prominently in churches.

Imagine Billy Joel unplugged with a wealth of material steeped in hymns and real-life faith experiences. Feel yourself smiling, laughing, feeling deeply, and identifying intimately with a lyric that has your name in it. All delivered by a humble, personable, supremely talented fellow follower. That’s Kyle Mathews in a nutshell. I have been an admirer and personal recipient of his blessings for over two decades. Moreover, I love that I can call him colleague and friend. And as your pastor and friend, it is my honor to play a part in sharing Kyle with you. It will be his first, and certainly not last, visit to St. Pete. Join us as we kick off Christmas together with a special time of music and musings. I look forward to seeing you there.