In television and radio world they call this a teaser. It’s letting the audience know something is coming in the next installment without fully telling you what it is. I have to confess, most times that is an invitation for me to turn the channel. I’m a guy. That’s what we do. But every now and then the foreshadowing is interesting enough to keep me tuned in like Paul Harvey, waiting for the rest of the story. Sunday will be a very full day in our worship service. We will give folks a look into the life of our signature ministry Family Promise. We’ll also honor a special volunteer who is handing the reins of her particular ministry to a new leader. And certainly, we will thank and pray for mothers everywhere, particularly those gathered Sunday. Great music and what I hope is helpful, meaningful preaching will take place too. But there will be one more thing worth telling.

We will have a special announcement regarding a development in the ministry of FBC St. Pete. I will be more than happy to let the cat out of the proverbial bag then on a special commitment we are making that I believe will help lead us into the next definable era of ministry on this end of Gandy. I think you will too. The Greek’s had a word for time called “kairos.” It stood apart from the chronology of minutes, days, weeks, and years. Kairos is about moments in time that weigh more than others. Defining moments so to speak. And while the Sunday reveal may not rank up there with moving a church, building a sanctuary, or calling a senior pastor, I believe this announcement will be worthy of a kairos designation. It is the product of a decision of which we are confident and will call for an ongoing commitment for which I believe we are ready.

Some of our folks know about it already. Others have an inkling. I hope the rest have a healthy curiosity and desire to hear about and be part of significant advances in the kingdom work God envisions for us. It is a joy to share and share in that vision, and it is absolutely my gift to love and lead our people toward it. We have spent two wonderful years together getting to know each other and laying a foundation for spiritual stability, growth, and change. Greater days are not far ahead of us by the measure of many ministry scorecards. In a few years, my hope, my prayer, and my expectation is that we will be living in the land toward which we are traveling. And when we do, it’s more than my hunch that we will understand the news we give out Sunday as a tipping point in our holy efforts.

So what is this good news? Stay tuned. A few days farther along, we will know all about it. See you then.