Bring a Friend

Marketers, strategists, and consultants everywhere are still looking for the secret to attract folks to whatever it is they want them to have, be, or do. In the world of social media, posts, tweets, Instagram, and Snapchat are the order of the day (of course this changes so fast I’m sure I have missed a new big one in just the time it takes to write this blog!). Oldies but goodies like TV and its 187 different points of delivery or audio with its 73 are still a staple. Print media these days involves very little ink and lots of cyber-whatever. I still get junk mail and doorknob hangers all the time, most of which don’t make it to the kitchen counter.

The best way to get results is the one that’s been around forever. Tell people about something you are passionate about and invite them to come and see. It’s what Jesus did with Nathaniel and Andrew did with his brother Pete. Funny we do that all the time with eateries, vacation spots, music and the like. Works that way with faith too. More times than not the invitation to faith or a deeper faith experience begins with an invitation to something that will point people in that direction.

This week we are giving you a couple of those to pick from and involve my friend Ken Smith. Ken is a minister whose primary flock lives in locker rooms and along sidelines. He is a friend and mentor to sports figures who are household names in these parts. Coaches want him to bear influence on the athletes they lead and care about. That’s where you will find him most Saturdays and Sundays in the fall. And he has a lot to say to folks like us too as he speaks powerfully and practically to anyone who wants to better follow Jesus and the ones who have yet to get in that game.

Ken will be with us in worship at 10:30 Sunday morning. And he will be in a more intimate setting in a Heritage Hall breakfast at 6:30 Monday morning with a message for all who want to lead and influence people in any setting. If you have a friend who is asking questions about living a more meaningful life, here’s your chance. Tell them about it. Invite them to hear from one with interesting stories and impactful words. It may well be the invitation that leads to an even greater invitation. I’ll see you then. And I look forward to meeting the friend you bring along.