Amazing Journey

Today’s Money Talks Blog comes from FBC’s 2018 Advent-ually Devotional Collection for December 9th

Thirty-four years ago today, Lisa and I stood up before God and everybody, said our “I do’s” and started quite the journey together. The only thing that rivaled our love for each other that day was our fear. Like the song says, “we were two scared kids just trying to save each other.”

We were ushered off into the unknown with no home, a couple of old cars, a few hundred bucks, and faith that the providence of God was behind us. I can’t imagine how much more uncertain Mary and Joseph felt when the uninvited Spirit of God fell upon them, changing their lives and everyone else’s for all eternity. It was so palatable that God sent angels to personally tell them they didn’t have to be afraid. But they were. We would be too.

I wonder how long it took them to finally rest in the fact that they were indeed favored and that God could be trusted. In their first thirty-four years this unlikely couple had a front row seat to the incarnation. Even so, from the new life of a positive pregnancy to the new life of resurrection there was a lot to be fearful of. They got to hear their boy whisper “fear not” with certain gravity that no other son could match. Good news for us is he still does.