The Myth of Control

One of the most important lessons I have learned in life is that the source of your greatest strength can also be the source of your greatest weakness. The ability to hold strong convictions can give way to shortsighted rigidity. Having a tender heart for others often leaves folks vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Same goes for trusting. The admirable and oft-needed practice of thriftiness can both prevent and cause a lot of anxiety. Waste not want not, sure, but sometimes you have to buy the memory. The capacity for self sacrifice often paves the road to miserable martyrdom in more than a few folks. You get the idea.

The coupling I see most often is a glorification of resolve and perseverance that leaves one unable, or at least unwilling, to recognize when it really is quitting time. There is a time for everything under the sun – I read that somewhere – including giving up on something that will only hold you down. That is the genesis and jest of the series “Give Up to Go Up.” Sunday we will tackle the myth of control. I bet you have experienced the angst caused by attempts to control both things and people. Controller, controlee – doesn’t matter. Most of us swing from both sides of that plate. Step in the box this Sunday and consider that true freedom just might come from giving up the need to be in control – or to be controlled. See you there.