A Fast and Furious Season

We are nearing the end of our Advent season and series of “Visitations.” I’m guessing that it is as hard for you to believe as it is for me. Seems like yesterday we were passing out candy on the way to carving up turkeys. It has been a fast and furious season for a lot of us. I know it has for me.

For years I used to lie to my family and tell then that next year the season will be less hectic. Then I finally surrendered to the reality that a minister’s life is life in the fast lane for the last ninety days of any year. That calculation did not take into account 2019’s unexpected extras of a cardiac event and a key staff transition. Yet, I’m still moving into the last leg of the season in good cheer and optimism for the days ahead. Let me share with you some of the reason’s why.

First, I am privileged to love and lead a church with a great history and future. Despite challenges and changes, we are more deeply engaged in the life of St. Pete in many ways, not the least of which is our newly-found partnership with Lynch Elementary (Don’t forget the last push for shoes and socks to share with the children there who need them!). We have a community of people with much talent and passion for the church and its various ministries. We have a new staff baby to love on. We are in the middle of a great city that needs the Lord and the redemptive, grace-filled presence of God’s people who gather at the corner of 275 and Gandy. That’s a lot.

And enter these days with relief and joy that takes the shape of an important announcement we are going to make Sunday morning. I join with the personnel team of the ELT to share news of the next steps in our church’s music ministry. I know you all will be pleased with what God has led us to and the people and pieces he has put in place.

Blessings to all of you as we walk closer to the manger. Blessings on your own visitations and on us as we gather to celebrate them Sunday and then again on Christmas Eve. I will see you then.