FBC By-Laws

Some weeks when I sit down to pen these lines, I am directed by what I think and feel and write with great generality to all who run across my words. Last week was an example of that, and I thank you all for the gracious response to my tribute to Billy Graham. Words and word pictures cannot do such a legacy justice, but I tried and I thank you for taking time to read over my ponderings.

Other weeks, I used this forum to communicate to you things that are going on within the life of the church. Those take the shape, in their best form, of a letter from home. They are at the very least announcements of significant projects going on within FBC. This is one of those.

I join with the FBC management team in announcing of the formation of a governance committee, charged with reviewing constitution and by-laws and recommending to the Managment Team, and subsequently the congregation, any adjustments that may serve us well. This is not done in reaction to any problems or unhappiness on the part of the staff, management team, or congregation. It is simply a timely process to examine if there are any changes to our current structure that may seem advisable.

The members of this group will include David Wilbanks, Bill Sanders, and Karen White from the Management Team. From outside that body, Amanda Clary, Kelvin Foster, and Joey Chambers will represent. These are all good people with a strong stake in our ministry and history of congregational involvement. I will be pleased to work with them.

This group is also charged with examining our strategies regarding our Servant-Deacon Team Ministry.  While we wait for these changes to come, we will suspend the formal operation of that group with the support of the Management Team, the two former Servant Team chairpersons, and your pastor and staff. Keep serving individually and we will work to build a new structure for the caring/serving ministry of the church that is both biblically and organizational sound.

Thank you in advance for your patience and prayers. It is always good to address such change in a light of a positive church environment and not in reaction to any particular issues. The timing is right to do it just that way. For that I am grateful, just as I truly am for the privilege of loving and leading today, and into the good days that lie ahead.