Paving the Way

FBC Parking Lot

Work began this week on a project that I have envisioned since the first time Lisa and I sat foot on the church grounds over a year ago. We are sealing and striping the parking lots all around our facility. We are close to half-way done, and it does look good. Better than that, it feels good. It feels good to know that our first impression just got a lot better. It feels good to have clearly defined places to park. It feels good because new guests will have a better view of the church, literally and figuratively. And it feels good because it is a good first step in honoring God by the way we are taking care of the resources He has blessed us with.

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High Notes

FBC Logo Header

What a week it was for a celebration of the resurrection of our Lord! It was great to look out and see and feel a fuller house on Sunday morning. That extra few hundred folks did a lot to provide energy and gravity to a most important service. The music was beyond wonderful! I can’t say thank you enough to Chris, Dawne, Ray, Megan, choir, band, and orchestra for lifting up both our people and the name of the Lord in such a marvelous way. And I have to say, the Hallelujah Chorus rocked the house and sent us all out with strong and joyful hearts. Lenny’s guitar riff near the end was as impressive as it was unexpected. I’m pretty sure Handel did not imagine it that way, but would have loved it. I know I did.

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Waiting for the Victory

Maundy Thursday

I just returned from our church family observance of Maundy Thursday in the narthex. Traditionally, it’s not a big day on the non-liturgical calendar, but it is a favorite of mine. To gather at the church at an odd hour on an odd day is to remind ourselves that something different is in the air. Something significant. Something history-making and life changing.

On our Lord’s last night before the events of Good Friday, he chose to share a meal with those closest to him. He chose two symbolic acts to define his life and ministry and to serve as an example for ours. He took the elements of the meal, bread and wine, and used them as a holy metaphor for the impending atonement. And he took a towel and washed the feet of those who followed him. As he did, they likely heard the echoes of the Galilean stranger: “If you want to be great in God’s Kingdom, learn to be the servant of all.”

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Service of Remembrance

The Lord's Supper Painting

Sunday marks the beginning of the week that Christians call Holy. It begins with Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem where he was hailed as a conquering hero. It ends with the ultimate and ultimately unexpected triumphs over sin and death’ the resurrection. But a lot happened between those two bookends. One of those was the supper he shared with his disciples on Thursday of that week.

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