Follow Me

Follow me where I go, what I do, and who I know
Make it part of you to be a part of me
Follow me up and down, all the way, and all around
Take my hand and say you’ll follow me

Good old John Denver could put a conversation in a song with the best of them. Leaving on a Jet Plane, Annie’s Song, I’m Sorry, and Goodbye Again come to mind. But the greatest of these is Follow Me. Why, you say?

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Turning Love Into Action

Take a guess at what all these successful companies have in common.

AFLAC. Container Store. Starbucks. Marriott. Nordstrom. Southwest Airlines. Whole Foods. Synovus Bank. Chick-Fil-A. Zappo’s.

Well, for one thing, except for AFLAC (whose commercials I do love) I have been a frequent, fairly loyal customer of them all. Chances are you have too. Here’s the real binder – all of these organizations unapologetically value, practice and require “servant leadership.” It’s not a coincidence that a culture of humility and self-emptying translates into a company that is wildly popular, and most often, extremely popular. In fact, in CNN Money’s top ten companies to work for, half of them clearly claim servant leadership as not just their personnel strategy, but core company value.

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A Second Invitation

Sunday we will reach the middle of our vision-minded series “These Three Things.” In case you missed it, we began by asking just what we want FBC to be known for in greater St. Petersburg. We have staked a claim on meaningful worship, impacting young adults and families and loving, and serving St. Pete. This trio of noble pursuits is worthy of our or best and most focused efforts. Furthermore, they align well with our gifts and the specific needs of the community where God has placed us.

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