Amani Sasa

“Amani Sasa.”

These Ugandan words flow so well off the tongue, even one as white and southern as mine. Simply interpreted, they mean “Peace Now.” Peace; not as the world gives, but that which comes from our Lord and those who represent Him. Now; not delayed or deferred, held back or hoped for. “Amani Sasa, Peace Now.” These are words meant to speak immediate hope to souls who have known so little and need it so desperately. They are the watchwords of a ministry that I am proud to say our people share in.

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“There is a time for everything,
and a season for everything under heaven.”
Ecclesiastes 3:1
Chris, Jasmine, Hudson, & Emerson Culpepper

Monday morning our Worship Pastor and my young friend Chris Culpepper shared with me the news that God has led him into a new and different season of life and ministry. Beginning October 20, Chris will become the Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church, Longwood, Florida. The good folks in this Orlando suburb are welcoming a fine musician, and an even finer young man. His amazing voice might only be exceeded by the broad range of talent and heart to use them all for our Lord and his people. They will be indeed blessed by his coming.

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